The Home  Of Social Services For Adults Bojková is situated in The Small Carpathian Mountains  in the district of Senica in the municipality of Cerová. It is 3 km far  from the populated part of Rozbehy.

The seat of the organization: Rozbehy 74, 906 33 Cerová

The founder: The Trnava Autonomous Region, that guarantees and checks its activity

The date of  founding: 01. 07. 2002

Founded for a period: indefinite

The way of  managing: a budgetary organization

The statutory authority: Mr Marián Hološka, director

Characterization of DSS Bojková: 

  • It provides all the year round social welfare for 48 clients, from that for 46 men and 2 women. The  clients are adult citizens with health handicap, which are physical, mental defects and  behaviour  disorders or defects of senses or  combined disorders.
  • It administers the possession in the Greater Region Unit, that was charged to it for administration for fulfilment of its activity items.